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Does Neighborhood Parcel Conduct Background Checks On Employees?

We are in the business of security and your trust is our biggest asset, which is why we require criminal background checks for all job candidates applying for any position including management staff. However, our employees with access to confidential customer material, are required to complete an annual full background check, as per the third-party National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) requirements. It gives us great peace of mind that your sensitive documents are handled correctly. Let us help you shred your sensitive documents. Our shredding service rates from 89¢ /Lbs.

Document Security

Boston MA area businesses and individuals generate paper-based documents containing sensitive information which could have costly repercussions without proper handling procedures. From employee theft and misuse to incurring unnecessary storage fees and legal fines, it is necessary to have a secure procedure and cost-effective means of shredding the material once its required retention period has been met. Hiring the right Document shredding service provider is the solution.

Document Shredding Solutions understands your needs and concerns. Our company has over a decade of experience and is committed to working with you to make certain you have the best document shredding program possible to help you comply with the latest HIPAA requirements.

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