How are You Different than Staples, Shredit, Cintas

This is a  great question, it is often asked by clients who want to know how we are different than the rest of the shredding companies in the Boston Area. Our Answer is very simple: Cost, Convenience and Service!

Cost of Shredding service

Our company is locally owned and operated and a solid community partner since 1996. Our low overhead allows us to provide a secure shredding service at the lowest possible rates: No greedy shareholders, no Millionair CEO's here!

We shred off-site where our industrial shredder process up to 8000Lbs / Hr.

Transparent Pricing

Nothing to hide here, unlike the other big corporations, we do not use their Bait and Switch, we offer flat rates that are posted online for the world to see, you can figure out exactly the cost of your shredding service. All inclusive and guaranteed to beat all competitor's shredding rates.

  1. No hidden fuel surcharges.
  2. No Environmental fees.
  3. No per minute rates.

Shredding Service

Our company offers secure shredding service to area residents and businesses since 1996. Our shredding service is done off-site at our secure plant, we offer a unique certificate of destruction that is digitalized and witnessed by Massachusetts Notary Public. Here is what we do different than Cintas, Shred, Staples and all others shredding companies:

  • Your material is handled securely like if it was ours. 
  • Dedicated truck runs from your location to our secure shredding plant.
  • All employees are Cori checked frequently.
  • Material is secured in truck via serial tags.
  • Plant has 24/7 security monitors.
  • Plant is NAID Certified.
  • BNBA+ Rating since 2007.
  • Material is 100% Recycled.
  • All material is shredded at end of business day.
Unlike other big box retailers, where your documents are kept behind the counter for days and may be weeks and exchange hands more than once. We take full custody of your documents and we shred them at our plant at end of day. 

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